The question that couples usually asks is “Do they have to get engaged before getting married”? Well, the answer is, it is not hard and fast rule.  I personally know many couples who didn’t get engaged still they make a great couple. ivermectina gotas precio drogas la rebaja

Why it is important?

The Engagement period is regarded as a communicative period among couples. It gives them a chance to iron out a few things like career, schedule, timing, family, belief, and money.  It gives them the opportunity to discuss what their relationship would be like and what their future goals would be.  Moreover, it gives them a legal status to date and it allows parents of both groom and bride to meet and get to know each other.

How long should an engagement be?      

An engagement period could be short or it could be long, there is no specific time duration for it, but it should be enough so you could arrange a wedding. Planning a wedding is a difficult task. ivexterm para que sirve costo It requires brain storming and you have to discuss things such as budget, dresses, location, arrangement and menu. Yes, you have to sort out all these questions and engagement period gives the chance to make your wedding come true.

A wedding ring tradition:

It is a standard practice for a man to buy a wedding ring and to propose it to the woman he loves. If the woman accepts it and wears it on her finger, then the couple is officially said to be engaged.

Things that tell you are ready to get engaged:

Engagement is a milestone in a wedding and it requires certain things before you hit it.

You are comfortable with each other’s family and friends circle:
It is important that you should feel comfortable in each other’s social circle and families. Bring your partner to family events and gatherings.  Invite him/her to parties and introduce to your friends.  You need to pass through this stage before tying the knot. what are the side effects of ivermectin in dogs?

You have taken a trip together:

Travelling makes you get to know each other. When you are out of your comfort zone and experience the unexpected — missing the plane, lost reservation or car broke down on the way or it could be simply fighting with the vendor on a road. When you go through this type of stuff you learn a lot about your partner.

Have a financial talk:

It is not like you have to make a joint account (you probably shouldn’t do that). Just have a financial plan that works for both of you. For instance, if one pays for dinner than other pays for the entertainment. Bring your relationship to this kind of understanding.

Sharing the households:

It is not necessary that you  have to live together before getting engaged, but you must have hit the milestone of sharing your living spaces and most importantly sharing the responsibilities.

You had a big fight and you pass through it:

Fights and disagreements show the level of bond and unity that you have with your partner. If your relationship has survived this hard phase, then you are ready to announce yourself as a couple, and you can progress your relationship to something more  concrete  — engagement.