About Us

Mauricio is the owner and Main Photographer of MAGIC VISION Photography. Everything starts when he and his family emigrating to Canada in 2008, he gets a job in an architecture office very fast. Being there and after a while he realizes that he does not want to be in front of a computer “working for someone” for the rest of his life, so he decides to quit his “nine to five” job to become – with the unconditional help and support from his wife Ana Rosa – he created MAGIC VISION Photography.

Mauricio is passionate about studying and being up to date. He studied Photography at Humber College and obtained the degree with honors. Every year he does at least two courses related to photography or decoration. He has received awards recognizing his dedication, talent and professionalism, such as the “2013 – Top Choice Awards”, for the best photo studio in Toronto; the “2014 – ECT and TAL Magazine” award for his talent and dedication; the “2016 Canadian Latin Heritage” recognition for its uninterrupted participation in the Mississauga Latin Festival; the “2017 – Heritage Beyond Borders” award for his exceptional photographic work; the “2018 – Fuerza Latina” award for his collaboration with the organization and finally the “2019 – Latinos in Toronto” award as the Entrepreneur of the Year.

Mauricio in his restless mind, does not stand still. In 2017 he joins the talented professional Carolina Gomez and creates “MC Event Decor”, a company dedicated to event decoration. It obtains the WPICC accreditation as “Wedding Planner Certified“. All these achievements have been achieved by being persevering in their objectives, characteristic of a successful leader and entrepreneur. For Mauricio, the positivity is in his cells. He firmly believes in the positive attitude, gratitude and power of the word: His first business card read: “Watch your thoughts, they will become your words; watch your words, they will become your actions; watch your actions, they will become your habits; watch your habits, they will become your personality; watch your personality, it will become your destiny. “When asked, How are you? He always answers:” I am awesome. “

His main objective is his customers and his collaborators. MAGIC VISION Photography count with team of eight talented people between photographers, videographers and experts. Mauricio does not stop until every single customer exceed their expectations with the work that he delivers.

He is currently focused on expanding his photography and decoration businesses. Weddings and quinceañeras are their specialty. It averages 30 of each of them a year. Mauricio has the opportunity to work – at least twice a year – in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica or Colombia doing “Wedding Destinations”. He is an architecture photography specialist, doing “Virtual Tours” for more than 120 Real Estate agents in the GTA. His work has been outstanding and makes the majority of the covers for La Guia Magazine and “ETC and TAL Magazine”. He has also been the photographer of the covers of magazines such as Latinos and OYE Magazine. He firmly believes that “Tailored to your efforts, they will be your achievements”, therefore he arrives tremendously prepared for the events with all the equipment needed to achieve EXCELLENCE… his daily objective.