Are you in love with someone?

Are you in a relationship?

Are you seeing someone?

Are you dating someone?

Did my consecutively similar questions made you curious? Well this is what I intended to do so! Before you get more confused, let me clear the air that the reason I asked these four questions whose meaning was same but they were formed so differently is because you may come across these questions very often if you really do have a love interest or a partner.

                                    What is better before getting married, engagement or a live-in relationship?

This happens because our close friends and family probably knows but others around us are not so sure so they seem to ask us – directly or indirectly – that are we with someone or not. panjiva ivermectin import pharmex Sometimes it’s ok to answer these questions and sometimes they come off as an invasion to our privacy because after all our personal life is not on display and not everyone would like to tell that are they seeing someone or not.

It even gets awkward at times because misunderstandings arise and just one thing leads to another. So what to do that it becomes just totally obvious to people that we really are linked with someone officially?

Our type of stereotypical society comes up with two obvious suggestions that are engagement and/or a live-in relationship. which statement describes the mechanism of action of ivermectin, used to treat nematode infection?

Now we are here to debate over that which one of them is the best possible way to state the nearly obvious thing to people without avoiding confrontation and awkward misunderstandings.


If marriage is an institution then engagement is its pillars. Weddings are something that comes all the more after. Before planning a wedding, a secure couple would want to exchange rings rather than directly tying the knot. Not because that they doubt something about the future of their relationship but because it is much better to take marriage as an institution of pure love with one step at a time. Just like falling in love is a gradual process and I would like contradict the fact that love at first sight does happen but still, relationships are built over years and engagement is one of the very first steps towards building a strong foundation of a life long bond.

Live-In Relationship

A more modern approach towards stating the obvious and meanwhile getting to each other, live-in relationships have gained wide popularity thanks to the celebrities we stalk on the social media. It is still debatable whether a live-in relationship is healthy for a relationship or not but that is an entirely different topic. But, live-in relationship can’t be accounted or a step ahead in your relationship as when in a relationship you already spend enough time with your partner to get to know each other. This is why sometimes live-in relationships cause trouble because people lack the patience of understanding each other’s routines and household necessities and break up even before settling for a further step ahead in their relation.

So in conclusion, you can consider it for yourself and according to your relation that which one would suit you the best. Although, I would just like to say that even after you have your wedding ring on, there still are going to be those annoying people who will come up to you to make sure that ‘Are you married? ivermectin puerto rico precio ’ and we have no remedy for such people, except just keep your cool and be an amazing couple. Now that’s goals!