You are getting married. You have 400 guests. You are worried because…. What if not all of your guests can make it to the church? what is the function of mectizan drug What if you want to show your guests what happened that day in the morning when you were “getting ready”? ivermectin cat dosage

We have the solution: SAME DAY EDIT! For additional fraction your video package get SAME DAY EDIT of your “getting ready and church and SURPRISE your friend, family and guests with 4-5 minutes video at the reception.

What is is?

Same Day Edit (SDE) is a short video produced from the footage of the wedding shot earlier in the day, usually only incorporating footage from pre-ceremony and ceremony, that is then showed at the reception to your guests as a recap of the wedding.

You will be surprised viewing all the details – all the expressions of you, your other half, your family, your friends and other guests. ivermec plus dosage for goats

MAGIC VISION Photography make this possible.!