Destination weddings are exciting and fun. I love them… And for you – Bride and Groom – You’ll feel like you’re on the best vacation of your life. Just be yourself and enjoy your day; the pictures will reflect the happiness of it.

True Story: I meet Sophie in a Bridal Show. She came to MAGIC VISION Photography Booth and ask me direct and specific questions. I remember her very well because when I asked her if she was willing to share her information ( name, e-mail, phone number and date of the wedding ) with me, she just take a pre-printed sticker with all that information on it and gave it to me. What a fantastic idea! I said. Can you imagen how much time she saved that day if she did not have to write down or type all that info in every single Booth that she went. Just Brilliant!

Any way, after the Bridal Show, I contacted her and we set up an FREE photo wedding consultation. In this occasion I meet Alex. Very nice couple that after a 20 minute conversation, they hired me for their destination wedding in Jamaica. durvet ivermectin pour-on

It was a excellent experience. I went with my wife ( she is a hair stylist ) and we stay in the same Resort. topical ivermectin for rosacea At the end of the day, my wife did the hair for Sophie, her mother and her sister in law and I took the pictures.

I have a few tips/ideas when you are thinking to have a destination wedding photographer:

Be fear.  I always give 40% discount of the regular price in all the Destination Weddings.  I understand that it could be expensive for the couple or the relative that its paying for the photographer.

If you think you’ll get unforgettable images from a friend or amateur, you are sorely mistaken. Professional photographers have to make a living from their work. If they’re truly professional, you should to expect to pay professional rates. Trust me, there’s a reason well-regarded photographers charge what they do. cheapest ivermectin for horses They deserve it, and they can get it because they are in demand. If you honestly just want a few snapshots of the ceremony, find the cheapest thing you can.

When you bring your own photographer with you, usually you get  much more for your money. I always tell my brides and grooms that I’ll have my camera on extra days when they go to excursions or extra trips and will document all of the fun, not just the wedding day — which I think is the entire point of destination weddings. — So they get a photographer for multiple days for the price of my usual one-day wedding rates, plus travel costs. Such a deal!

Be open to a unexpected photos. Art happens when you let the day unfold and you’re able to capture the completely unexpected moments!

Choose your own and unique location. Find that location that will make your wedding destination  images one-of-a-kind. And make sure you schedule a post-wedding shoot or if you are up to, a “trash the dress” session around the are

Pay attention to the sunset. You want to be sure you have at least a one to two full hours of light after the ceremony for photos.

Take your favourite photographer with you. You want your memories captured, and your wedding destination photographer has to know you and what you like. You’ll be working with them before, during and after the wedding, so choose someone you can feel comfortable with and trust.

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